Mom Day Planner

The Detailer’s adaptability makes it the perfect mom day planner.   It is

  • simple and efficient
  • all inclusive – you’re a mom and more and you need to keep it all co-ordinated
  • time saving – not trying to teach you time management (you already got that down!)

Using the planning calendar, you will have all scheduled activities and appointments in an easy to view week.   You can have your to-do lists and reminders right in front of you with the calendar using our special feature short note sheets.  As you can add as many sheets as you need, you won’t be short of space and, if needed,  you can elaborate on a particular day or event.  You won’t miss a thing!

Using the referenced note section, you’ll see how you can keep easy access to notes on your kid’s activities, schools, etc.  Just start a page under the appropriate alphabetical index – i.e. a page for  soccer for Mason – under ‘S ‘ / dance class for Stella under ‘D’ / party planning under ‘P’ / gift ideas under ‘G’.   There are no pre-designated tabs nor restrictive writing spaces.  You decide what and how you want to keep your information. 

The clear pockets under each alphabetical index will keep all your coupons, receipts, tickets, etc. handy.  No more lost time looking for miscellaneous pieces of paper.

To learn more about the Detailer Day Planner, please see our ‘Features’ page.

Sample page for Mom Weekly Planning Calendar