Detailer Day Planner

Agenda / Referenced Notebook / Portable Filing System

The Detailer day planner accommodates your needs in a practical and simple system.  It has some special features that you will not find in other day plannerssuch as expandable to-do lists with your planning calendar and clear pockets for filing under each alphabetical index.  Check it out!                                              
Detailer IS Detailer IS NOT
  • Designed to save you time
  • Simple system adapts to your needs
  • Compact, soft and flexible

•Trying to teach you time management

•Complicated and time intensive

•Cumbersome and bulky

Calendar Format

  • Vertical Format
  • easy to see your weekly schedule at a glance
Most other day planners Horizontal format
•difficult to sort out appointments / timed events
•Separate section for timed activities and daily notesSmall reminder / to do sheets **Special Feature
•Kept in view w/your calendar
•Most effective place for to do lists
•elaborate on events or a particular   day
•prioritize on different sheets
•transfer notes to following week to do lists
•Notes mixed in with appointments
•No space for general reminders
•To-do lists often in separate section
(If separate space for notes are provided…they are limited.  If they need to be forwarded to the following week, they must be rewritten there)
 Referenced Notebook

  • Reference notes by alphabetical index
Most other day planners
•Pre-designated tabs
•You decide what info/data you want to keep under the appropriate alphabetical index •Helps to eliminate misplaced notes
•Open format pages for flexibility
•Tabs may or may not be appropriate for you
•Most of your notes without a place to reference later
•Many times pages are overly formatted

 On the go Filing system for coupons, receipts, etc.

  • pockets under each alphabetical index for your coupons, receipts, tickets, etc.
  • **Special feature
Other day planners
•Do not offer feature
(some may have some enclosures but not under each index for reference filing)
Example – paint chip filed under ‘P’
Optional system for Address/Telephone/Data

  • Total Flexibility
  • Features of Rolodex in vertical format
Most other day planners
Highly formatted and restrictive spaces
Small separate overlapping sheets
designed to place where and when you want them
•Open format to keep all the data you want
•Attach business cards alphabetically
•Perpetual – never redo messy outdated pages
•Do not require separate section
•No room to note all the data you may want to keep
•Pages get very messy and must be redone
•An entire page is required for one listing
•If you keep business cards – you cannot file them alphabetically

 Functional   /   Adaptable   /   Perpetual